Former FBI Agent John Guandolo Riles CAIR in Iowa

Former FBI Agent John Guandolo Riles CAIR in Iowa, by Larry Estavan.

After a relatively uneventful appearance in Nebraska, Leftist counter-protesters came out in numbers against Guandolo’s presentation in Iowa …

“Racism and hate and white supremacy are not up for debate,” said protest leader Glenn Hurst. Instead, the protesters were determined to ignore Guandolo by attending his talk and sitting in the front rows while wearing ear plugs and rustling newspapers. …

John Guandolo must be over the target, considering all the bluster he is inspiring, and try as they may, the bad Muslims at CAIR are unable to shoot Guandolo down, as this reported exchange shows.

One CAIR-affiliated woman did speak up.

She said the presenters were only teaching about the extreme version of Islam found in places like Saudi Arabia.

“I asked her to name the title of one book that teaches the other version of Islam, the moderate version. She couldn’t name one,” Guandolo said. “The whole audience gasped because they realized what was going on.”

Well, let’s hope so.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific