‘Awaken the sleeping giant of Australian decency’: Abbott

‘Awaken the sleeping giant of Australian decency’: Abbott, by Rachael Blaxendale.

The day after his daughter Frances fronted a Yes campaign ad, Mr Abbott told the group of about 100 No voters that he wasn’t used to being surrounded by so many young conservatives.

“I’ve got to say that when I go around talking to Liberal Party gatherings I’m often a little depressed at just how old everyone is,” the former prime minister said.

“At far too many of those gatherings I am the youngest person in the room, and I reckon I’d be at least the second-oldest person here, but it’s just wonderful to see so many enthusiastic young people coming together to stand up for our country, so I really want to say congratulations.

“The Left’s long march through the institutions has gone far enough, and whatever the outcome of this particular vote, it just might be that the sleeping giant of Australian decency, the sleeping giant of people who love our country and want it to be at its best, might just have been awakened.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil