US: Roger Stone’s Opening Statement To Congressional Russia Investigators

US: Roger Stone’s Opening Statement To Congressional Russia Investigators, by Nicolas Fandos.

Roger J. Stone Jr., a self-proclaimed political “dirty trickster” and an informal adviser to the president, will strongly deny to congressional investigators on Tuesday that he worked with Russians to aid President Trump’s campaign. …

Though the opening statement presents little new information from Mr. Stone, who has for months caustically denied any involvement in the election meddling, it comes with added weight: Lying to Congress is a crime.

Mr. Stone’s prepared statement presents him as a veteran of “slash and burn” political discourse caught up in a partisan and unsubstantiated smear campaign by members of the committee and the news media. In not allowing him to testify publicly, his statement said, the committee was acting out of “cowardice.”

“I view this as a political proceeding because a number of members of this committee have made irresponsible, indisputably and provably false statements in order to create the impression of collusion with the Russian state without any evidence that would hold up in a U.S. court of law or the court of public opinion,” Mr. Stone said in the remarks. …

Mr. Stone is also expected to tell the House panel that he was never in direct communication with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, and therefore did not know in advance about emails that were stolen from the Democratic National Committee during the campaign. Rather, according to Mr. Stone’s prepared remarks, he learned about them on Twitter and later asked a journalist who knew Mr. Assange to confirm the report.

The Russian collusion story was bogus, pushed by the left and shamefully given maximum publicity by the media. Eventually it will unravel, but the media will  give that minimum publicity and many of our leftist friends will never notice that it turned out to be a farrago of deceptions.

Again, it all comes back to the media. If they had just done their job properly, this nonsense would have been uncovered and nipped in the bud long ago. But how would that have helped the left?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific