Tackling Race: US Football and College Rape

Tackling Race: US Football and College Rape, by Steve Sailer.

Some National Football League players are supporting Black Lives Matter — the anti-police, pro-rioter, anti-white, pro-Establishment movement — by boycotting the national anthem before games. The president was widely denounced for tweeting his disapproval of them.

“Black Lives Matter” has increased black deaths:

On Monday, however, the FBI released 2016 crime statistics showing that homicides were up an extraordinary 20 percent nationally during the last two years of the Obama administration, when the former president was pushing his BLM agenda. The spike in murders tended to be concentrated in cities where BLM enjoyed its greatest triumphs, such as Baltimore and Chicago.

In other words, the ironically entitled Black Lives Matter has gotten several thousand additional blacks murdered by other blacks since Ferguson. …


Pro football is, by far, America’s No. 1 spectator sport (172 million tuned in to at least part of this year’s Super Bowl), while college football enjoys an upscale fan base of civic-minded conservatives.

Blacks have come to dominate most positions in football, which reassures white conservatives of the fundamental fairness of American society. It’s difficult to believe the conventional wisdom in the press about how racist America is when the NFL is phenomenally popular despite being 68 percent black.

(But the best quarterbacks are, notwithstanding strident efforts by the media to decrease racial diversity in the pro game, mostly white.)

The broad national interest in football has served as a unifying influence in an increasingly diverse country. A huge fraction of white male conservatives, for example, have played high school football with black teammates.

White spectators like to conceive of their team’s black players as defending the homeland. The ability of black football players to play as a team on Saturday and Sunday inclines whites to be more optimistic about blacks’ potential for pro–social order than might be warranted by what they observe on Monday through Friday. And, indeed, football offers the kind of authoritarian structure under which African-Americans do best. …

The media encourages black players to disrespect the national anthem by kneeling during it in order to show support for the (ironically entitled) Black Lives Matter cause. This, of course, calls attention to the worst aspect of African-Americans: their tendency toward disorganized violence. Blacks commit murder at almost eight times the rate of the rest of the population. …

The segue:

In college football, the fastest way to build a powerhouse is to recruit players of dubious character whom other coaches are leery of. Inevitably, however, this leads to scandals about sexual assaults on coeds, often involving players inviting their teammates to have their way with drunk girls after they’re finished.

For example, longtime also-ran Baylor University suddenly vaulted into the national rankings by recruiting players with the pitch: “Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players.”

But Baylor is 0–4 this year, and the school is being sued for an alleged 52 rapes by football players. …

College rape:

Basically, nobody on either the left or the right wants to think about the recurrent pattern of black players raping white coeds. Leftists would prefer to hallucinate about Haven Monahan and the Duke lacrosse team, while rightists don’t want to admit that their alma mater really should drop big-time football. …

On the other hand, conservative whites, who are so pro-black in most regards, do not at all like football being used to publicly defend criminality, as in the Black Lives Matter protests. Football players endorsing thuggery just reminds white folks of the unfortunate O.J. case. …

On many campuses, a large majority of black males are there only because they were given affirmative action or an athletic scholarship. But nobody in the admission or athletic departments wants to take responsibility for the increased number of rapes their decisions are likely to cause …

Make football less black, like soccer?

More radical changes to the rules of football could make it a white-friendlier game, such as by making it more of a test of endurance rather than of explosiveness. For example, up through 1964, college football, like rugby, did not have separate platoons for offense and defense.

Amusingly, when Americans think about how to improve soccer, they always come up with helpful suggestions to make the world’s most popular sport more biased in favor of blacks, such as by adding substitutions and time-outs, which would allow black sprinters to rest more. The soccer authorities, though, have resisted American recommendations, which keeps the top soccer stars mostly white.

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