Russian-Chinese passenger jet to take on Boeing & Airbus

Russian-Chinese passenger jet to take on Boeing & Airbus, by RT.

A wide-body passenger aircraft being developed by Moscow and Beijing could make its maiden flight in 2025, according to the first Vice President of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation Aleksandr Tulyakov.

“We are in the development stage with our Chinese partners of a very complex and serious segment — a wide-body long-haul aircraft,” he said, adding the “project’s life cycle will be 40-50 years.” …

The project is part of a reported $13 billion aviation cooperation deal signed in 2014 during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China.

The new aircraft will be a development of the Russian-designed IL-96 and will be assembled in China.

A new engineering center will be built in Russia to undertake technical and electronics production. …

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of each plane could be about $200-260 million which is similar to the American Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Experts say the new jet could challenge the Airbus-Boeing duopoly.

While we are ensnared in PC and run by postmodern arts graduates, our rivals continue to advance.

A reader comments on what makes a good political leader:

Political leaders in China and former Eastern Europe often have a background as engineers and economists. They are interested in projects and outcome. They have a long term strategic perspective, over decades.

Western elites are often lawyers and people who have been working in politics in all their life. They are interested in the process, and in keeping a balance between different interest groups. They do not do long term strategic thinking. They are very dependent on the media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil