Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany as Jeremy Corbyn accused of behaving like ‘ostrich’ over anti-Semitism

Labour activists compare Israel to Nazi Germany as Jeremy Corbyn accused of behaving like ‘ostrich’ over anti-Semitism, by Christopher Hope.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by one of his own MPs of having an “ostrich strategy” to anti-Semitism as Israel was compared to Nazi Germany at a party conference fringe meeting.

Wes Streeting, the Labour MP for Ilford North made the comments after Labour activists discussed expelling Jewish groups from the party in what was described as a “thinly veiled call to purge Jews from the Labour Party”.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party admitted he had seen anti-Semitic tweets from party members “that would make your hair stand on end” that he said were “redolent of the Thirties”.

Mr Corbyn has faced persistent accusations that his party has an institutional problem with anti-Semitism and that he has not done enough to tackle it.

Ken Livingstone, the former Labour mayor of London, is currently suspended from the party over comments he had about Hitler and Zionism, but the party refused to expel him. Other members have been suspended for expressing similar views. …

At a fringe event titled Free Speech on Israel, speakers called for the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) to be “kicked out” of the party and said Israel had committed “genocide” in Gaza.

One speaker told the audience that Israel and Israelis should not be treated any differently to the Nazis or white South Africans during apartheid.

Other speakers refused to refer to Israel by name, calling it only “the Zionist state”.

The Guido Fawkes website reported that Tony Greenstein, who was suspended from Labour for making comments about “Zionist scum”, was applauded at the event.

The modern left has a real streak of antisemitism. But the left are now a hatefest of discrimination anyway, openly advocating discrimination against whites, men, Christians, deplorables, suburbanites, straights, climate realists, and so on. It would be churlishly discriminatory of them to leave out the Jews, wouldn’t it?

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific