The Yes campaign for same-sex marriage is becoming plain anti-religious

The Yes campaign for same-sex marriage is becoming plain anti-religious, by Graham Richardson.

It is hard to feel anything but depression when I check the television coverage of an attempt by some young practising Catholics to campaign for the “no” vote in the stupid, expensive public survey in which we are engaged.

These campaigners were about as peaceful as it comes. They set up their table and included among their pamphlets was free food they wished to hand out to other students while pushing their view that it was okay to vote No. In a democracy like ours they were acting entirely within their rights. Then the bullies turned up. Male and female alike, the crowd which gathered around them was instantly hostile and eventually violent. The table was turned over and one of the No campaigners was kicked. Their posters were smeared with food and torn up. Other No campaigners were daubed with dye in what turned out to be an ugly incident. It was a scene that is becoming all too common at Sydney University and elsewhere.

As the screaming banshees surrounded the small group of No campaigners they yelled about hate speech and equated anyone voting No as homophobic. The only hate I saw or heard came form those pathetic excuses for human beings emboldened by greater numbers, bullying and harassing those going about their lawful business.

Why can’t the media be truthful about this kind of incident. The only coverage you see will include the word “clash”. This was no clash, this was organised destruction from those on the Yes side of the argument.

hat-tip Stephen Neil