London Tube Bomber Was Part of ‘Deradicalization’ Program

London Tube Bomber Was Part of ‘Deradicalization’ Program, by Patrick Poole.

The still-unnamed 18-year-old Iraqi refugee who tried to set off an IED on the London underground last Friday had been arrested two weeks before the attack at the Parsons Green station where the device went off.

But today information was revealed that the bombing suspect was part of the UK’s “deradicalization” program. …

When are our elite going to take Islam seriously? Islam is much stronger than anything they are currently offering.

Other media are identifying the program the bombing suspect was involved with as PREVENT.

While some critics, this reporter included, have noted the ineffectiveness of the PREVENT “countering violent extremism” (CVE) program, some in the Muslim community have attacked it for “Islamophobia”: