Canada turns on Scottish founder over ‘cultural genocide’

Canada turns on Scottish founder over ‘cultural genocide’, by Marc Thorne.

He is widely regarded as the founder and father of the Canadian nation, whose legacy has been honoured with stamps, statues and memorials.

However, debate is now raging over whether Canada should turn its back on John A. Macdonald, the country’s Glasgow-born first prime minister, because of his ­actions towards its indigenous population. He brokered the deal that in effect established the country 150 years ago and his image is still on its $10 notes, but there are now growing calls for his name to be stripped from the numerous schools that commemorate him.

A white man. What a coincidence. Tearing down Macdonald also tears down white men via-avis other identity groups, and tears down European culture vis-a-vis black African culture, Islam, Marxism, etc etc.

hat-tip Stephen Neil