‘Family unit between man and woman is paramount’

‘Family unit between man and woman is paramount’, by Olivia Caisley.

Influential business figure Roger Corbett has spoken out against same-sex marriage in an awkward television interview with Leigh Sales.

The former Fairfax chairman and managing director of Woolworths, who is a leading voice in the No campaign, told the ABC’s 7.30 that current marriage laws are not discriminatory in any way.

Mr Corbett drew comparisons between sex and race, which quickly drew criticism from viewers on social media.

Frames marriage as about reproduction:

“A black man and a white man are equal, but they’re clearly different. A black man will never be a white man and vice versa,’’ he said.

“A man and a man and a woman and a woman can have a similar relationship, but it’s different. …

He said marriage was clearly meant to be between men and women, because together they can create children. “Marriage is really a union to provide an environment in which children can be conceived, born and brought up. It is probably the best arrangement.’’

The argument is really over who gets to use the word “marriage”:

“(They) have a perfect right to a union that is exactly equal and should be treated exactly equally in the community,” he said. “But let’s call marriage marriage and let’s find an appropriate name for other relationships.”

No wonder the interview with PC HQ was “awkward.” He mentioned the unmentionable.

The business leader said he believed other prominent Australians had avoided coming out in favour of the no vote for fear of vilification. He also admitted that he was “a little scared” of the public’s response to his comments.

hat-tip Stephen Neil