Online discussions on same-sex marriage to be monitored

Online discussions on same-sex marriage to be monitored, by Felicity Caldwell.

A team of Queensland volunteers will scour neo-Nazi and other far-right or anti-gay web forums to monitor conversation around same-sex marriage and report those who overstep legal boundaries during the postal survey period.

The LGBTI Legal Service will run a project named Like Love, involving training and co-ordinating volunteers to monitor online forums, media and posters to ensure accountability where unlawful vilification may have occurred….

A team of volunteers will be trained before monitoring “No” vote websites, neo-Nazi and extreme right wing and anti-Same Schools pages to ensure they were not breaking the law.

[LGBTI Legal Service president Matilda Alexander] said it was allowable to have a civil debate about whether or not you support gay marriage.

“You could say ‘I don’t support gay marriage because I don’t think that gay people should be allowed to get married’ but you can’t say ‘It’s because they’re all paedophiles’ because that’s the type of speech that incites people to hate a group of people on the basis of sexuality,” she said.

“The test is whether it incites hatred and ridicule which is quite a severe test. It’s not just any old comments that will incite hatred.”