The (Young) White Man’s Burden in Iraq and Afghanistan Combat

The (Young) White Man’s Burden in Iraq and Afghanistan Combat, by Steve Sailer.

Back during the worst part of the Iraq War, I used to try to excavate the statistics on one of the least publicized aspects of George W. Bush’s war: that whites were getting killed in combat at much higher rates than nonwhites.

In the mid 2000s, non-Hispanic whites made up about 61% of the 25-year-olds in the U.S. But through this 2009 report by Hannah Fischer of the Congressional Research Service, whites made up 74.7% of Iraq war fatalities, while minorities only accounted for 25.3%. So, whites gave the last full measure of devotion at an 89% higher per capita rate than nonwhites in Iraq.

The sacrifice gap was even larger in Afghanistan through 2009, with whites dying at a per capita rate 146% higher than nonwhites.

So, averaging across the two wars of George W. Bush, young whites died in service of their country at roughly twice the rate of young nonwhites.

And, of course, the white man’s burden was even higher compared to the rest of the population of young adults of both sexes: a death rate roughly 500% higher in Iraq, and over 650% higher in Afghanistan.

Commenter Halvorson:

Blacks are almost a full 1/4th of the Army’s soldiers, but only about 1/10th of combat fatalities.

Commenter whoever:

I wrote a research paper on this a few years ago focusing on the Marine Corps/Navy in which I looked at not only fatalities and injuries by race/ethnicity, but also the race/ethnicity of those receiving CARs and medals with Combat “V” (for valorous actions in direct contact with the enemy). Overwhelmingly some variety of white, followed by some variety of Hispanic, although it’s not easy to tell for sure because the categories are self-identified and there are advantages to identifying yourself as other than white.

Another thing I checked was preferences in reading and movies/TV. The whites invariably liked military history and memoirs, and were often very familiar with things like tank battles on the Eastern Front in WW2, or destroyer night actions in the Solomon Islands during the Pacific War. They had also seen, usually multiple times, movies like “The Big Red One,” “Sands of Iwo Jima,” “Hamburger Hill,” etc., as well as having grown up watching TV shows like “Tour of Duty.”

I noted that while it was not all that unusual for white females to show comparable interests, if to a lesser degree and often in response being schooled by a father or to male SO interests, it was rare to find a non-white female interested in any aspect of warfare.

One of my conclusions was that whites (at least a certain segment of them) are interested in war, enjoy reading about it and watching it depicted, and then want to participate in it themselves — and really like it. They won’t admit to that, because it would be unseemly. But it appeared clear to me that the time they spent in combat was the high point of their life and that everything since has been denouement.

Another of my conclusions, that I have thought to myself but never formally written down, is that whites are, if anyone is, the apex predators of the human race. Piss on their shoes at your peril.