The Burkification of Britain

The Burkification of Britain, by Jane Kelly.

We live in an age where most ‘right thinking’ people, at the BBC, education and the Church of England, are letting the concept of gender disappear, our more progressive universities dropping the pronouns, ‘He’ and ‘She’ in favour of the all inclusive ‘They.’

That may seem strange to some but it’s surely even stranger that at the same time, increasing numbers of very young girls are going around clad in Medieval costume designed to conceal them because of their gender. Female children, way below puberty can now be seen all over the UK with their stick like limbs and tiny heads completely covered, for the sole reason that they are girls. …

The vitamin D problem:

A study carried out on 6,540 people in sunny Jordan the same year, posted on an Islamic web site, found that women who wear hijab or niqab are more likely to have low levels of vitamin D than women who do not cover their heads.

White people have white skins so they can manufacture more vitamin D in lower light climates. Without enough vitamin D people get sick — which is why colds and other diseases always peak in late winter, when people haven’t been outdoors recently and their vitamin D stores are run down. Wearing a burka in the UK is asking for trouble.

hat-tip Stephen Neil