It’s Clinton’s Fault!—Bill, That Is

It’s Clinton’s Fault!—Bill, That Is. By Steven Hayward.

With mounting evidence that the Democratic Party is shifting massively further to the left … Hillary’s remembrances of things past is not going over well with a party base that has been slowly revolting against her husband for a long time. …

The real reckoning the left is having about Bill Clinton … is that he was a slave to “neoliberalism” — no better than a moderate Republican.

There is something to this, of course. Clinton did, after all, complete the NAFTA treaty that everyone now seems to hate; he balanced the budget (under duress from the Republican Congress, to be sure), agreed to a capital gains tax cut, generally left the internet alone in its formative period. As Norman Podhoretz put it at the end of the Clinton Administration: “He lied; he cheated; he saved the Democrats.”

Many have observed that Trump’s policies are pretty much the same as Bill Clinton’s in 1992.