Hunter Valley homes at risk, Tony Abbott joins fire fight

Hunter Valley homes at risk, Tony Abbott joins fire fight, by Rachael Blaxendale.

Tony Abbott has been hailed as a hero after saving a house from ember attack while battling a bushfire burning near his Sydney northern beaches electorate of Warringah.

The former prime minister has ditched parliament in Canberra, taking emergency services leave to man water pumps for his local Davidson Rural Fire Brigade, where he has volunteered since 2001.

This afternoon embers from the Beacon Hill bushfire ignited local resident Barry Cafe’s fence.

Mr Cafe told local paper the Manly Daily that it wasn’t every day that a former prime minister saves your home.

“I told everybody, ‘I’m fine, Tony’s here’,” he said.

“He’s a top bloke … We couldn’t do without them (the Rural Fire Service).”

Imagine if a Labor parliamentarian, let alone a PM, did half of what Tony Abbott does? Actually visiting aboriginal communities for a week instead of the usual afternoon’s grandstanding for the cameras, actually serving as a volunteer fire fighter, athletic surfer and cyclist, and so on. We’d never hear anything else from the ABC but what an outstanding person he was, and hey, check out his policies! But Tony Abbott does it …. crickets.