Former NASA GISS climate scientist tells new NASA head to stop funding “corrupt, carpet-baggers”

Former NASA GISS climate scientist tells new NASA head to stop funding “corrupt, carpet-baggers”, by Joanne Nova.

A new incendiary blog by Dr. Duane Thresher and Dr. Claudia Kubatzki unleashes on NASA Goddard Institute (one of the two main motherlodes of climate activism), calling for them to be defunded because they are “ignoble”, with “herds of do-gooders”, and “NASA GISS is a monument to bad science”.

They are a husband and wife team, both producing peer-reviewed climate papers. He worked at NASA GISS for seven years. Since they came out as skeptics in California, they’ve had to move house. …

His latest post calls on the new NASA head, appointed by Trump, to just turn off the tap, cut the cash:

Everyone assumes climate scientists are noble. Fighting to save the planet. What nonsense. Not even close.”

They write about a wave of new money into climate science and the decay of the field:

Enter opportunists, carpetbaggers, the corrupt, the ignoble.

What to do? Stop paying climate scientists. The good ones are so into their science they will work for food, maybe less, maybe even pay to do it. French President Macron has invited the rest to move to France so they will be fine.

Start with defunding NASA GISS where this whole global warming nonsense started. It was started by James Hansen, formerly head of NASA GISS and considered the father of global warming. It was continued by Gavin Schmidt, current head of NASA GISS, anointed by Hansen, and leading climate change warrior scientist/spokesperson.

NASA GISS is a monument to bad science that truly should be torn down. Take the money and buy a rocket.” …

Being a whistleblower is always risky:

If you think neo-Nazis are bad, try being a global warming skeptic in the Bay Area of California, where we had to move from for our own safety.” …

Thresher is scathing of the quality of the talent that flowed in to the field with the sudden influx of money:

And then there are the not qualified who become climate scientists. When the science bureaucrats (if you can’t do real science be a science bureaucrat) decided global warming was the next big thing, there was a huge influx of money, which meant a huge influx of unqualified into climate science since there just weren’t enough qualified and the money HAD to be used. Enter opportunists, carpetbaggers, the corrupt, the ignoble.

Physicists and mathematicians who couldn’t make it in their own fields, like James Hansen and Gavin Schmidt (who actually told me one reason he became a climate scientist was because he couldn’t make it in his degree field of mathematics). People who just wanted instant success as fake heroes or showmen rather than doing years of hard slow obscure real science.

Sounds about right.

hat-tip Charles