Gender-free toilets, gay marriage, revised history spell ruin

Gender-free toilets, gay marriage, revised history spell ruin, by Maurice Newman.

The recent co-ordinated assaults on Judeo-Christian culture and history are deliberate.

For example, without the resources of fellow travellers, is it plausible that 3,700 [Australian] people who, according to the last census, are neither male nor female could command such attention as to ensure the proliferation of gender-neutral toilets and the teaching of controversial gender theories in schools? Or that just 47,000 couples living in same-sex relationships could monopolise public debate on “marriage equality”?

Veteran English family care activist Erin Pizzey teaches: “Family life was and always will be the foundation of any civilisation. Destroy the family and you destroy the country.” Since the 1960s, she has watched neo-Marxists, radical feminists and their sympathisers push for “a new utopia that depended upon destroying family life”. Women and their children were idealised and typical gender roles rejected. “Fathers were considered dispensable.”

Then came the pill, the normalisation of promiscuity and easy divorce and, unsurprisingly, a decline in traditional marriage. Today one-third of Australian children are born out of wedlock and 16 per cent live in single-parent families, 85 per cent of which are fatherless. Poverty and crime have followed.

Same-sex marriage is the latest battleground for defenders of traditional marriage and family. Proponents have turned this into a mainstream debate about discrimination and equality under the law. They employ the Marxist technique of “repressive tolerance”, which often involves violent opposition to contrary views. …

Some believe this is progress. Others watch in despair as society’s foundations crumble, supervised by leaders who stand for nothing.

Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s dreams of marching through the institutions have all but come true. Even the churches have been captured.

Future generations will inhabit a different world where coercion will ensure that only one view survives. By then they should know nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems and everything is connected.

hat-tip Stephen Neil