Same-sex marriage: Apple backs Yes campaign

Same-sex marriage: Apple backs Yes campaign, by Chris Griffith.

Apple is the latest company to announce support for a ‘yes’ vote at the Australian same-sex marriage postal survey. …

“We support marriage equality and believe all Australians deserve the freedom to marry the person they love, and to have their relationships recognised with the same dignity and legal protections as their neighbours, friends, and family,” Apple says in a statement.

Apple’s global stand on gay marriage is well known, with openly gay chief executive Tim Cook declaring his support for the US legalising gay marriage. …

Adobe, Amaysim, Amazon, Atlassian, eBay, Google, IBM, iinet, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Pandora, Salesforce, Telstra, Twitter, Uber, Vodafone, and WordPress are among 647 companies listed on the website.

hat-tip Stephen Neil