MPs slam ‘vile’ tweets of gay campaigner

MPs slam ‘vile’ tweets of gay campaigner, by Joe Kelly.

Coalition MPs have lashed the ­author of the latest Quarterly Essay — which calls for a national rollout of the controversial Safe Schools program — over a lewd tweet joking about “hate f. king” the homophobia out of “anti-gay MPs in parliament”.

Benjamin Law, a columnist for Fairfax’s Good Weekend magazine and an active campaigner for same-sex marriage, posted the tweet on August 30 that triggered numerous replies including comments such as “start with Hastie” — a reference to West Australian Liberal MP and former member of the SAS Andrew Hastie, who ­defends traditional marriage.

Law replied by posting: “(sighs heavily, unzips pants)”.

Another user responded by posting a picture of National MP George Christensen, also a prominent defender of traditional marriage and the backbencher who led the revolt against the Safe Schools program. Law replied by posting: “(sets self on fire)”.

The Australian contacted Mr Hastie yesterday about Law’s tweet, which said: “Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-f. k all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system.”

Mr Hastie said the comment was unacceptable. “Noting my skills acquired in my previous ­career I’d like to see him try. If anyone on the No campaign jokingly suggested using sex as a weapon against Yes campaigners, there’d be immediate calls for their resignation and marginalisation. Instead this guy gets a 20,000-word platform from Quarterly Essay.”

Andrew Hastie in his previous career — SAS leader

hat-tip Stephen Neil