Republican Party is dead and Americans need a true alternative to the ruling ‘Uni-party’

Republican Party is dead and Americans need a true alternative to the ruling ‘Uni-party’, by Angelo Codevilla.

What America needs is a “New Party,” that would be dedicated to “returning America to the rule of law under the Constitution,” says Angelo Codevilla, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University.

“There is no doubt that today’s America is ruled by a single ruling party and that the Republican Party is part of that party rather than an alternative to it,” Codevilla wrote for The Washington Times on Aug. 20.

“Why vote Republican when that results, rhetoric aside, in being governed as by Democrats? America needs a true alternative to our ruling Uni-party, a true second party.”

“The New Party would be about … rolling back the judicial-administrative state that is restricting economic activity, religious freedom and imposing an alien morality on America.”

Congress’s refusal to repeal Obamacare marked the death of Republican Party, Codevilla wrote. …

GOP successes in recent electoral cycles “were due to the American people’s desire not to be governed by a ruling class, headed by the Democratic Party, which is restricting, insulting and impoverishing the country. …

“There is no doubt that the New Party’s core would be formed by people who currently label themselves Republican…

“The crucial difference … is that the New Party would cast aside its links to the establishment, would incorporate new concerns, and that it would mean what it said.

“Were such a New Party to present a presidential candidate in 2020, the only certainty is that the Republican Party’s standard bearer would receive fewer popular votes than either the Democratic Party’s or the New Party’s candidates”