UK: Just one in five Muslims are in work

UK: Just one in five Muslims are in work, by Hugo Gye.

YOUNG Muslims are being shut out of British society with just one in five adult Muslims in work, a report said today.

The Social Mobility Commission found that only 6 per cent of the Muslim population are in professional jobs.

The report blamed Islamophobia and racism for the failure of British Muslims to progress in the workplace.

Overall, 18.9 per cent of Muslims aged between 16 and 74 are currently in full-time employment, according to the SMC.

That is significantly less than the 34.9 per cent figure for the adult population of the UK overall.

Part of the reason for the low employment rate is that Muslim women are far more likely to be stay-at-home mothers who are not looking for work. …

They also said that Muslim women are often encouraged by relatives to stay at home and have children rather than going out to work – attitudes which can be reinforced by teachers at Muslim faith schools.

A naughty reader thought it might be due to “too many explosive job interviews”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil