The amazing color-changing Linda Sarsour

The amazing color-changing Linda Sarsour, by Elder of Ziyon.

Today I made a poster making fun of Sarsour’s pretending to be a “person of color” while Jews of any color are always considered “white.”

What I didn’t realize is that the photo I used in this poster came from a video about hijab published by Vox earlier this year, where Sarsour was featured. And in this video she says, explicitly, that before she put on her hijab she was just “some ordinary white girl from New York City.”

Tricky stuff this PC propaganda. The whole moral raising up of any “people of color” or anyone who puts on a hajib is just more anti-white identity politics. A not-so-subtle message from those who form opinions in our society: “white non-Muslims bad, non-whites and Muslims good.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil