As Europe loses its identity is the United States far behind?

As Europe loses its identity is the United States far behind? By Bob Taylor.

How many terrorist attacks have taken place in Europe in 2017? …

The total is 35 attempted or executed attacks in Europe alone this year. That is an average of more than four per month. The sad fact is that most Americans don’t know, or even worse, care.

On average, there has been at least one attack a week in Europe in 2017. Of those incidents only one death out of 72 and 10 of 430 injuries were not traceable to the on-going invasion of Islamic refugees. So much for the “religion of peace.”

Which brings us to the logical question posed by Robert Spencer of “Jihad Watch” who asked “How is mass Muslim migration enriching Europe?”

In fact, one could ask as an aside, how has Islam enriched anything during the past 14 centuries other than itself? …

The PC crowd are in deep denial about Isalm:

Following every attack, we are deluged with meaningless floral memorials and candlelight vigils honoring the victims. And as we weep and pay homage to the dead, the terrorists are busy planning their next attack.

Politicians are no less guilty of antics; such as the arm-in-arm solidarity march through the streets of Paris following the Charlie Hebdo massacre. What is different today than before? How did that “march of unity” change anything?

Authorities love to raise their hands and voices and tell the world “we will not be intimidated” or “our freedoms and Western way of life is strong.” Yadda, yadda, yadda.

A few hours later, after they return to their offices, they provide concessions to Muslim communities, cry about “Islamophobia” being insensitive to Islamic victims or shut down debate between Islam and other religions.

True Muslim believers are merely following the teachings of their prophet when they resort to rape and sexual assault. …

The non-European West needs to wake up fast (except for Japan, which has the situation under control):

America’s politicians and media can ignore the migration problems in Europe, thus creating a false sense of security in the US, but in the end it will come down to a “pay me now or pay me later” situation. If we choose the latter it will be far more difficult and devastating than being pro-active now.

Europe is already losing its grasp, yet its leaders persist in yielding their individual national cultures to Islamic ideologies.


hat-tip Stephen Neil