Putin says the EU is MORE of a dictatorship than the SOVIET UNION as he slams Brussels

Putin says the EU is MORE of a dictatorship than the SOVIET UNION as he slams Brussels, by Vincent Wood, from last December.

While claiming it was “up to Europeans” to decide what was best for them, he claimed the European Union had stricter control on member states than the Soviet Union’s supreme council. …

Mr Putin said: … “They have more decisions made in Brussels than the Supreme Council in the Soviet Union did so its a high level of federalisation. …

“There are certain countries in Europe who object to the current migrant policy and they want to be involved in the decisions more. They think those decisions are unacceptable.”

Mikhail Gorbachev:

The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

A reader laments:

Last night I became very depressed by the evening BBC radio news when, apart from NK, every other item seemed to be about how things were going wrong in the UK because of a lack of resources (euphemism for people and money) to handle, inter alia, growing social problems in education, social care for children threatened by dangerous parents (a horrible tale of a girl killed by her own mother), and an absence of sufficient police to follow up on internet based child abuse.

As an aside, the latter item was probably being slightly built up by the police officer interviewed, but made me realise how immune I have become to horrific incidents of abuse – it was claimed that one could order from the Philippines a live broadcast of child abuse to be viewed on a laptop and also that the number of reportable incidents had increased to 4,000 per month from 400 ten years ago. Surely this is not a sign of a healthy society and not one able to handle large levels of immigration, especially of people with alien belief systems.

However, my main point is who is going to pay for all these resources? At some point, the electorate will vote to stop the funding and demand that the root causes of the problems are addressed such as stopping the lack of personal accountability in our society. An authoritarian government seems inevitable.


An authoritarian government will simply mean we’ve arrived at the end of The Road to Serfdom. Probably coming to the whole of the western welfare states.

hat-tip Philip Barton, Bob