Media chiefs demand review of ABC and SBS charters

Media chiefs demand review of ABC and SBS charters, by Darren Davidson.

Media industry leaders are ­demanding a review of the charters outlining the purpose of the ABC and SBS as they step up calls for the national broadcasters to be put on a tighter leash by the Turnbull government.

The organisations have been told to return to their public service roots, stop chasing viewers, provide more regional content and face restrictions on their ability to use taxpayer funding to smother commercial rivals. …

Michael Miller, head of News Corp Australia, … declared it was a “poor use of taxpayer dollars”, and also cited SBS’s tactic of taking on commercial networks at their own game with the acquisition of food, lifestyle, and hipster content originally designed for US cable and satellite broadcasters. …

Adam Lang, chief operating ­officer of talkback station 2GB-owner Macquarie Media, said the national broadcasters now “blur the lines” between public-funded broadcasters and commercial ­operators, and said the government should examine whether they were following the letter and the spirit of the law. “A bit of truth here wouldn’t hurt. When they talk about not being for ratings, I don’t accept that. In terms of radio and television, they absolutely do chase commercial ratings,.

No no, we need an ever-increasing media monopoly to promote PC-thinking in the electorate. The Soviet Union went all the way — what could possibly go wrong?

From the About page of this blog:

In Soviet Europe, people who believed the propaganda broadcast by the communist elite were considered a special kind of stupid. There was a huge hunger for truth, but most people checked out mentally because they were offered only lies. The same is increasingly happening today, in the West. It is said that the photocopier eventually brought down the Soviets — today we have the Internet.