14 Things the MSM Won’t Tell You About DACA

14 Things the MSM Won’t Tell You About DACA, by John Nolte.

Whenever a Republican wants to move forward — you know, pass some legislation or even enforce the law as already written, they always, always, ALWAYS have to run through a mainstream media propaganda gauntlet dedicated to the status quo, loyal only to the Democrat cause and by extension opposed to anything resembling progress.

Obamacare is an objective disaster; nonetheless, the media fights tooth and nail to save it. Our tax code is a backwards, prosperity-stifling haven for corporatist special interests; nonetheless, the media will do everything in its power to ensure not a single word is altered.

Then there is illegal immigration, which, like abortion, the MSM treats as its own personal sacrament. Flooding America, primarily Red States, with illegal Democrats who also serve the interests of a Big Business Complex desperate to keep wages low and unions non-existent, there is nothing our corrupt media will not do to keep that illegal flood flooding.

And so, as President Trump prepares to keep one of his biggest promises and end President Barry’s un-constitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program, all we are seeing from our establishment media is the usual-usual propaganda: flat-out lies, half truths, the ignoring of vital pieces of information and points of view, and most of all, emotional blackmail.

Man alive, the emotional blackmail.

If your only understanding of this complicated issue comes from the MSM, of course you are outraged over the fact that Trump is about order an army of jackbooted ICE agents to kick in daycare center doors, snatch up all the “brown children,” and then hurl the angelic toddlers (with actual rings of gold hovering over their heads) into cattle cars headed south.

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  1. This Is Only the Fault of the Parents
  2. DACA Recipients Are Illegal Aliens
  3. DACA Is a Massive Amnesty Program
  4. DACA Recipients Are Not the Children
  5. DACA Recipients Take Jobs Americans WILL Do
  6. Some DACA Recipients are Criminals
  7. DACA Is Not a Law, It Is the Violation of Law
  8. Most DACA Recipients are Not Overachievers
  9. DACA Is Wildly Unfair to Americans, Most Especially Young Americans Just Starting Out
  10. DACA Was Already Litigated and Debated in 2016
  11. DACA Encourages More Illegal Immigrants
  12. In Most States, DACA Recipients are Eligible for Welfare Benefits
  13. Unless It Is Stopped, DACA Will Never Stop Growing
  14. DACA Ignores Some Criminal Behavior