WAxit – WA Libs vote to establish committee to consider independent WA

WAxit – WA Libs vote to establish committee to consider independent WA

A POLICY motion about Western Australia seceding has passed at the Liberal state conference, despite one party member warning there was a risk of being labelled the “lunatic fringe”.

The non-binding “WAxit” policy motion put forward by the Brand division called for the establishment of a committee “to examine the option of WA becoming an independent state within the Commonwealth”.

After hot debate on Sunday, the motion was amended to becoming “financially independent”….

Western Australia gets only a third of the GST back that it pays into the Federal pool. No other state has ever received less than 80%. The Constitution says that each states minerals are its own, but when WA digs its minerals up the other states effectively hep themselves to the revenues via the GST. Meanwhile pristine Tasmania doesn’t allow much mining, oh no.

If WA Senators voted as a block and withheld support until this issue was resolved, it would have been fixed years ago. Current WA Federal (and some state) politicians appear to put their political party ahead of the interests of West Australians.

That’s not a situation that can last.

At least the local state party appears to recognize that (finally).

A West Australian reader comments:

Let’s get off the sinking ship while we can — Australia is disintegrating into a multicultural disaster, like the rest of the West. It’s no longer “One Nation” in any case. Does anyone who has visited Lakemba really believe Australia is a unitary state?

Western Australia has the best chance of surviving as a historically recognizable, stable and democratic Australia. This means including taking migrants compatible with our own civilization – and get a rugby team to boot! Excuse the pun….people will say we are not defensible. Maybe not, but we have a better chance of surviving outside the crumbling American empire which is about to embark on more ultimately catastrophic conflicts in Asia.

I am being provocative, but if things continue down the European path it may become a more attractive option to many people .

hat-tip Damon