Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Says ‘Maine’s Whiteness Is Bad News’

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Says ‘Maine’s Whiteness Is Bad News’, by Adelle Nazarian.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Eves believes “Maine’s whiteness is bad news” according to remarks he delivered during a Maine People’s Alliance event this week.

Sounds like he was speaking at a virtue signalling contest:

According to Maine First Media and Big League Politics, the former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives delivered the remarks while addressing a group of nearly one hundred activists and grassroots supporters Wednesday evening at the “Resistance Rising” forum event put on by the Maine People’s Alliance in Lewiston.

Eves reportedly said Maine is going to be in trouble if it does not attract a more diverse population.

Trouble from whom? How?

Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas responded to Eves’s statement saying, “This is yet another revelation that Maine Democrats are sadly more focused on the color of people’s skin than the content of their character.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil