We Are All “Racists” and “White Supremacists” – According to the Left. The Racism-Industrial-Complex needs it that way.

We Are All “Racists” and “White Supremacists” – According to the Left. The Racism-Industrial-Complex needs it that way. By Jack Kerwick.

The agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) have been having a field day ever since Charlottesville: Here, for the whole world to see, as they would have the rest of us think, is proof that “white supremacy” or “racism” is alive and well.

Of course, in reality, the mayhem in Charlottesville proved no such thing. However, the hysteria over it should provoke the rest of us to ask of the self-appointed guardians of racial orthodoxy: How, in your eyes, does your average white person differ essentially from the most vicious of neo-Nazis or members of the Aryan Brotherhood? …

A bunch of examples of prominent leftists recently damning ALL white Americans as Nazis and white supremacists in the article.

These are just some more recent illustrations of the left’s insistence that “white supremacy” and “racism” are wedged into every nook and cranny of America. Yet there are plenty of other examples of this worldview stretching back decades. …

If you belong to the GOP, then you are a “racist.”

If you belong to the Tea Party, then you are a “racist.” …

If you are a Texan caught in Hurricane Harvey then you are a Republican and a Trump supporter who deserves to die because you are a “racist.”

If you advocate race-neutrality or “color blindness,” then you promote policies that are “racist.”

If you advocate for “equality of opportunity,” then you advocate for “racism.”

If you think that immigrants should assimilate to American society, then you are “racist.”

This list could be multiplied ad infinitum. If you support capitalism, Israel, the Fourth of July, America’s Founders, The Dukes of Hazzard, Gone With the Wind, Western civilization, drinking milk, or any number of other things, then you support “racism.”

The point by now should be clear: Ultimately, from the perspective of the RIC merchants, i.e. the left, there is no basic difference between the most aggressive and hate-filled of Klansmen or neo-Nazis and the most seemingly innocent of white children. In kind, there is no difference between the color-blind ideal of equality under the law and the swastika, slavery and the free market, a burning cross and opposition to “affirmative action” or the American flag.

So ignore them. Their rhetoric is meaningless. They are going to call you “racist” regardless, so accept it and move on.

hat-tip Stephen Neil