Feminist Clementine Ford sparks walkout by refusing to answer schoolboys’ questions

Feminist Clementine Ford sparks walkout by refusing to answer schoolboys’ questions, by Newscrop.

SOME schoolgirls staged a walkout on feminist Clementine Ford after she refused to take questions from male students at exclusive Aquinas College in Melbourne.

The 35-year-old blogger and controversial, outspoken activist was slammed by parents after she blocked questions from year 10 schoolboys at the private secondary school. …

One angry parent claimed Ford had treated the 15-year-old male students “like crap”.

“The boys wanted to ask her questions, and she refused to answer questions from boys. She goes, ‘No no, I’m only taking questions from girls,’” parent Darren told Melbourne Radio 3AW. …

Ford, who was hired to speak at the school on gender and popular culture, has denied allegations on social media that she had mistreated the boys.

Ford took to Twitter to lambast her critics as “p*ssants” and “angry w*nks”.

In one response, she said: “I answered questions for 15 minutes afterwards, longer than I was contracted for.”

She said she had been paid to speak for 50 minutes, but “I was not paid to deal with ongoing bulls**t and demands from small minded boys who cannot handle being shown their world view is limited”.

Feminist discriminates against males — hardly news, is it? What is news is that some girls walked out in support of the boys — yeah girls!