Physical Assault on Journalists’ Rap Sheet Reveal Antifa: 10 – Trump Supporters: 0

Physical Assault on Journalists’ Rap Sheet Reveal Antifa: 10 – Trump Supporters: 0. By John Nolte.

Contrary to our national media’s ongoing narrative about the “dangers” of President Trump criticizing all of their fake news, it is not Trump supporters who are beating up journalists. Thus far, despite all the phony hand-wringing from media elites over how Trump is “inciting” his followers, not a single one has laid a hand on a member of the media.

There is, however, one group guilty of regularly assaulting members of the media, and that group just so happens to be the very same leftwing gang of masked thugs that the media frequently compares to the American troops who stormed Normandy on D-Day, to freedom fighters, to righteous opponents of hate and bigotry …

Now, don’t be fooled by pleas of ignorance. Our media is very well aware of what is going on here, well aware of the fact that these leftwing hooligans regularly target their colleagues in this manner. Why, then, doesn’t the media — who love to report on themselves as brave victims — go to Defcon 1 against Antifa?

The answer is very simple…

Despite the physical assaults, the bullying, the equipment damage, the menacing, the cuts and bruises, our media still sees Antifa as an ally, as their own righteous army of vigilantes roaming the earth, just like Hitler’s Brownshirts, to beat up anyone who does not hold the “correct” political views.