Syrian Migrants Arrested After Stealing Car… To Drive to Asylum Application Police Station

Syrian Migrants Arrested After Stealing Car… To Drive to Asylum Application Police Station, by Chris Tomlinson.

A pair of Syrian asylum seekers were arrested during their asylum application in Austria after the man whose car they had stolen turned up to the same police station at the same time as them to report the crime. …

After stealing the car the pair drove to the local police station where they told authorities they wished to apply for asylum. At the same time, the owner of the stolen car arrived at the police station to report the theft and was placed in the room next to the two asylum seekers.

Police were able to examine footage taken by a witness of the crime and positively identify that the asylum seekers were the ones who stole the vehicle and promptly transferred them to Feldkirch Prison at the request of the local prosecutor.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

‘We Do Not Want More Muslims in Czech Republic’: Prime Minister

‘We Do Not Want More Muslims in Czech Republic’: Prime Minister, by Victoria Friedman.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka does not want the Muslim community to grow in the Czech Republic, saying he has seen what problems large Muslim populations have caused in other European countries. …

The Czech Republic has around 22,000 Muslims living in the country who are described as well-integrated and not particularly committed to or fundamentalist in the expression of their faith. …

Similarly, President Zeman has said people fleeing the Ukraine, following the Euromaidan protests, should be included in the migrant redistribution programme given the numbers absorbed by the Visegrád group. Poland has issued nearly 1.3 million visas to Ukrainians last year, including those claiming asylum.

“Ukrainians, too, are refugees and with their origin and diligence, they are somewhat close to us,” said Zeman in September 2015, after stating the month prior that “Unlike the Islamic ones, they have a much a better ability to assimilate themselves.”

Not just Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Korean missile crisis: suddenly distance is no longer the tyranny

Korean missile crisis: suddenly distance is no longer the tyranny, by Greg Sheridan.

“History’s a game that’s played for keeps. But for most Australians, it’s a dimension of reality that’s only found on TV — don’t you agree?

“The reason that Australia’s half asleep is that it’s outside history. The Japanese nearly woke us up, but they didn’t quite get there. So we went on sleeping. I wonder who will wake us up? Sukarno? The Communists in Asia?”

Thus spoke Aubrey Hardwick, intelligence operative, in Chris Koch’s novel Highways to a War, set in the 1970s.

Kim Jong-un has offered Australia an invitation to history. It’s an unpleasant invitation, and one we can’t refuse. …

It is true that all through the Cold War, Soviet and later Chinese nuclear missiles could have successfully targeted Australia. We know now that Cold War nuclear deterrence was more fraught than we thought at the time, but nonetheless there was an inherent stability about dealing with great big and mature powers such as Moscow and Beijing.

The North Korean breakout is immensely dangerous in its own right. And it signals the kind of world we are ever more likely to live in. At the end of the period of a little more than a decade that the Obama agreement with Iran covers, the mullahs will be in possession of a rich nation and a massive nuclear industry with full international approval. If they choose to weaponise it no one will stop them. A world of ever more complex, multidimensional, regional and intercontinental interlocking arrangements of mutual nuclear deterrence will be vastly more intricate than the Cold War.

This, by the way, is what a world without US strategic dominance looks like. The US stopped its allies, such as Taiwan, South Korea and others, from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Chinese have signally failed to stop their ally, North Korea, from doing likewise.

A North Korea with nukes and ICBMs won’t stop at 60. In due course it is likely to possess 100, 200 or more. …

Australia is losing its protection:

Australia has mostly stood benignly beside the worst of history because of our geographic distance from the main centres of conflict and the security we have derived from our alliance with great powers, first Britain, then the US. What is happening to those two protective features?

The first three trends are wiping out our security of distance. These trends are: missile technology, offensive cyber capabilities and the global spread of Islamist jihadism. They severely compromise our geographic advantages.

Our alliance is still immensely valuable but consider these three trends: the US is less dominant than before and has for the first time in many decades a president who sometimes speaks against US alliance commitments; China is pursuing an increasingly assertive posture, seeking strategic hege­mony in our region; and most importantly, the giant historic project of liberalisation and democratisation seems to have stalled, if not altogether come to an end.

There is no longer any ground for thinking China and Russia are on any long-term path to democracy and liberalisation. Nor are many of the other countries of our region, such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Around the world, and in our region, democracy has gone backwards in many countries. This means that the reassuring idea we once had, that we were on a path of political convergence with our region, is no longer realistic.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Lawyers demand apology over endorsement of gay marriage

Lawyers demand apology over endorsement of gay marriage, by Chris Merritt.

The dean of law at Sydney’s Notre Dame University and a coalition of barristers and academics have joined the revolt over the endorsement of same-sex marriage by the legal profession’s peak associations in NSW.

Professor Michael Quinlan, who heads the university’s law school in Sydney, is the most senior of 11 legal academics and lawyers who have issued a joint statement denouncing the NSW Law Society and the state’s Bar ­Association for endorsing same-sex marriage “laws” before draft legislation has been made public and without consulting members.

Their statement calls for both organisations to apologise and ­immediately withdraw the ­endorsement.

It contained errors of law and had left the misleading impression that all lawyers in NSW support gay marriage, the statement says.

“Had there been consultation with members, and had the members supported the issuance of such a document, improvements in the language and content could have been made to ensure the joint release accurately states the law,” their statement says.

hat-tip Augusto Zimmerman (who signed the joint statement)

Boris Johnson seen as an international joke

Boris Johnson seen as an international joke, by Rachel Sylvester.

Boris Johnson is becoming the Where’s Wally? of international diplomacy. All over the world the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting yet at this time of huge global significance the foreign secretary is all but invisible on the international stage. …

As the US enters an extraordinary culture war under Donald Trump, Mr Johnson remains morally ambiguous, flip-flopping between dismissing criticisms of the president as a “whinge-o-rama” and claiming he got it “totally wrong” in his response to the recent racial violence in Charlottesville. He made a serious strategic error in aligning himself so quickly with a divisive populist across the Atlantic who no longer even has the support of his own Republican Party. …

That’s clear code that the journalist is anti-Trump.

Some MPs believe Mr Johnson is pursuing a deliberate strategy of what Henry Kissinger liked to call “constructive ambiguity” — keeping his options open for the sake of personal ambition — but the truth is that he is rapidly becoming a national embarrassment. I’ve just spent a fortnight in America and was shocked by the number of tech entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers and political strategists I met who asked: “Why has your prime minister appointed a fool as foreign secretary?” According to diplomatic sources, even officials at the Trump White House “don’t want to go anywhere near Boris because they think he’s a joke”. If that seems ironic, one minister says: “It’s worse in Europe. There is not a single foreign minister there who takes him seriously. They think he’s a clown who can never resist a gag.” …

Senior Conservatives blame “vanity” for his inability to remain on message or keep a secret.

“The French think Boris is totally unreliable, the Germans think he’s a liar and the Italians think he’s dangerous,” says one well-travelled Tory MP. …

The civil servants in the Foreign Office are horrified by their boss’s lack of discipline and have taken to slipping in to see his deputy Sir Alan Duncan, the Europe minister, when they need a decision. At the intelligence agencies, there is a nervousness about giving sensitive material to a politician who treats every public outing like an after-dinner speech. …

It’s all about managing Boris, not respecting him,” says one Whitehall source. “He’s got no concentration span so it’s difficult to have a detailed discussion with him. The whole thing is completely ramshackle for someone who is supposed to be so clever. He doesn’t know what he thinks so he flies by the seat of his pants.”

Sounds like it’s all rumors and spin — maybe the establishment is out to get Boris because he is sympathetic to Trump?

“All about managing, not respecting” Isn’t that what the new White House staff are doing with Trump? Is this the bureaucrat’s or the swamp’s way of dealing with naughty challengers whom the people accidentally elect?

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Muslim ‘Mediator’ Defends Gang Rape After Attack: ‘Enjoyed Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms’

Muslim ‘Mediator’ Defends Gang Rape After Attack: ‘Enjoyed Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms’, by Jack Montgomery.

A so-called ‘cultural mediator’ at a migrant reception centre in Italy has caused outrage with his comments on rape following attacks on tourists from Poland and Peru in Rimini, Italy.

Abid Jee wrote that rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse” on Facebook after a Polish couple and a Peruvian transsexual were attacked by four men thought to be North African migrants …

The attack saw two 26-year-old Poles subjected to a “brutal and bestial” attack in the popular tourist destination on the Adriatic coast.

The male was struck on the head with a bottle and beaten unconscious before his girlfriend was repeatedly raped in front of him and thrown into the sea. Both were hospitalised following the attack, and the male will likely require facial surgery. …

The case has caused alarm in Italy and considerable anger in Poland, which is sending its own investigators to help apprehend the suspects.

The new normal, coming soon to your western country?

hat-tip Charles

‘Youth gangs openly sell drugs, carry guns in Swedish no-go zones’ – local shopkeeper to RT

‘Youth gangs openly sell drugs, carry guns in Swedish no-go zones’ – local shopkeeper to RT.

Swedish police have recently expanded their list of so-called “vulnerable areas,” where crime and extremism run rampant. RT talked to locals and observers about the problems in these troubled areas, widely known as “no-go zones.” …

“If you run a company in this area, insurance companies do not want to insure you,” Salam Kurda, a local Kurdish shopkeeper and chairman of the corporate association in Husby, Stockholm, told RT. “One of the basic requirements for being a successful entrepreneur is safety, but the risk is quite big today.”

“If your life is at risk, money does not help,” he added. “There has been quite a lot of shooting, very brutal mistreatment of our entrepreneurs, a lot of robbery, so the entrepreneurs have decided to change jobs or move to another area.”

“These people have not been taken care of by society. Society needs to keep the youth busy, make it difficult for them to end up in trouble. They are being used by adults. They sell drugs openly. They carry weapons,” Kurda said.

Sweden is a humanitarian superpower, but also the rape capital of the world. Was it worth it? Was the virtue thus signaled worth the damage? I understand that opinions may differ, because some people got to signal their virtue while others sustained the damage.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Indigenous teachings without British, western history a ‘capitulation’ to the Left: Abbott

Indigenous teachings without British, western history a ‘capitulation’ to the Left: Abbott, by Greg Brown.

Tony Abbott has warned that a Turnbull government plan to teach more indigenous history in primary schools would be a “capitulation to the Left” unless it was accompanied by lessons on British history and the rise of the West.

He has urged caution on a proposal being pushed by Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion for Aboriginal languages, phrases and customs to be taught in schools.

The former prime minister said the lessons should not be at the expense of teachings about the rise of Western civilisation.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Same-sex marriage a ‘rainbow Trojan horse’: Bernardi

Same-sex marriage a ‘rainbow Trojan horse’: Bernardi, by Rachel Blaxendale.

Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi says same-sex marriage is a “rainbow Trojan horse” for radical Safe-Schools-style gender and sexuality education programs.

Defending a Coalition for Marriage advertisement released yesterday that features three mothers discussing their fears should same sex-marriage become legal following the Turnbull government’s postal survey on the issue, Senator Bernardi said the ad highlighted “reasonable concerns” for parents.

“We tried to put a stop to (Safe Schools) because of the perversion that’s going on in some of these areas, but what we’ve seen internationally and you’ve seen it in Canada and in England, where same-sex marriage has been legalised, parents haven’t been able to withdraw their students or their children from these sorts of programs, and that’s why they’re compulsory,” he told Sky news. …

Cory Bernadi

Senator Bernardi said conservatives had “belled the cat” with Safe Schools founder Roz Ward and the “Marxist agenda” coming out of Victoria’s La Trobe University, where Safe Schools was developed. …

Senator Bernardi said he believed there would be a larger No vote than many in the media were predicting.

“I think there’s been a massive pile-on, and the bullying through the media and sections of the lobby that are advocating for marriage to change,” he said. …

“It would be better if they taught the kids how to read and write so that when they graduate they’ve actually got Year Twelve standard literacy and numeracy rather than Year Eight standard which is what one university lecturer told me the other day.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them.

Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them. By Zephyr Teachout.

About 10 years ago, Tim Wu, the Columbia Law professor who coined the term network neutrality, made this prescient comment: “To love Google, you have to be a little bit of a monarchist, you have to have faith in the way people traditionally felt about the king.”

Wu was right. And now, Google has established a pattern of lobbying and threatening [in order to] to acquire power. It has reached a dangerous point common to many monarchs: The moment where it no longer wants to allow dissent.

A recent “crime” that Google punished people for:

This summer, a small team of well-respected researchers and journalists, the Open Markets team at the New America think tank (where I have been a fellow since 2014), dared to speak up about Google, in the mildest way. When the European Union fined Google for preferring its own subsidiary companies to its rival companies in search results, it was natural that Open Markets, a group dedicated to studying and exposing distortions in markets, including monopoly power, would comment.

The researchers put out a 150-word statement praising the E.U.’s actions. They wrote, “By requiring that Google give equal treatment to rival services instead of privileging its own, [the E.U.] is protecting the free flow of information and commerce upon which all democracies depend.” …

Seems innocuous and obvious enough, but action was swift — off with their funding!

Google has been funding New America for years at high levels. Within 24 hours of the statement going live, Google representatives called New America’s leadership expressing their displeasure. Two planned hires for the Open Markets team suddenly were canceled. Three days later, the head of the Open Markets team, the accomplished journalist Barry C. Lynn, received a letter from the head of the think tank, demanding that the entire team leave New America. The reason? The statement praising the E.U.’s decision against Google was, according to New America President Anne-Marie Slaughter, “imperiling the institution.” (As of this writing, Slaughter has denounced the story as false, claiming that Lynn was dismissed for failures of “openness” and “collegiality.”) …

Google is now evil:

When Google was founded in 1998, it famously committed itself to the motto: “Don’t be evil.” It appears that Google may have lost sight of what being evil means, in the way that most monarchs do: Once you reach a pinnacle of power, you start to believe that any threats to your authority are themselves villainous and that you are entitled to shut down dissent. As Lord Acton famously said, “Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” Those with too much power cannot help but be evil. …

In recent years, Google has become greedy about owning not just search capacities, video and maps, but also the shape of public discourse. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, Google has recruited and cultivated law professors who support its views. And as the New York Times recently reported, it has become invested in building curriculum for our public schools, and has created political strategy to get schools to adopt its products.

This year, Google is on track to spend more money than any company in America on lobbying. In 2015, it was the third biggest corporate spender, paying more than Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin or the Koch brothers on lobbying. Much of what it is spending its money on has nothing to do with technical details regarding its search engine and everything to do with using its power in its search engine to shut out some competitors and build power over others.

It is time to call out Google for what it is: a monopolist in search, video, maps and browser, and a thin-skinned tyrant when it comes to ideas.

Joanne and I recently switched to using DuckDuckGo as our default search engine, instead of Google. I like it, and Joanne is saying she prefers it. It’s a little better in some ways, and I’m not missing Google.

University of Tampa professor fired after tweeting Hurricane Harvey is ‘karma’ for Texas voting Republican

University of Tampa professor fired after tweeting Hurricane Harvey is ‘karma’ for Texas voting Republican, by Brian Lisi.

A tweet suggesting that the devastation of Hurricane Harvey was “instant karma” for the red state of Texas has cost a University of Tampa professor his job — making him just the latest academic fired for off-duty speech.

The University first distanced itself from sociology professor Kenneth L. Storey on Monday. But a tide of online outrage continued. A #FireKenStorey hashtag spread far beyond the university. Angry Facebook comments piled up.

“Don’t think this is a school we will be looking at for my daughter anymore,” one commenter said. An alumnus wrote, “Good thing I already paid you, because I’ll never send the school another dime again.

On Tuesday morning, the university fired him.  …

Storey’s controversial tweet, which has been deleted, … read: “I dont believe in instant karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesnt care about them.”

“I never meant to wish ill will upon any group,” he wrote. “I hope all affected by Harvey recover quickly.”

Storey said his tweets were taken out of context. In a statement sent to ABC Action News, he said was referring to the “GOP denial of climate change science and push to decrease funds from agencies that can help in a time like this.”

Interesting, because the traffic until now has been all one way — people getting fired for opposing the narrative. Maybe the critical factor this time was money — disgusted Republicans letting the University know how they felt, sticking up for themselves. Social media protests and financial boycotts have been predominately lefty tactics, but now the non-PC side is beginning to use them.