Same-sex marriage: Australian TV ad features mothers pushing No message

Same-sex marriage: Australian TV ad features mothers pushing No message, by Joe Kelly.

The Coalition for Marriage has launched its first national ­television advertising campaign encouraging parents to vote against same-sex marriage, warning that they could lose control of ­gender programs taught to schoolchildren. …

The anti-gay marriage advertisement immediately triggered a hostile response from Bill Shorten, who said it featured “total ­rubbish” and was “offensive and hurtful to LGBTI Australians and their families”. …

There were more extreme responses from some gay rights ­activists led by Michael Barnett, who tweets as ­“mikeybear”. On Twitter, Mr Barnett accused those opposing same-sex marriage of murdering kids, including Australian Christian Lobby managing ­director Lyle Shelton.

“Those f..kwits opposing ­Marriage Equality by telling kids to reject homosexuality are murdering those kids. I blame Lyle Shelton @RNDrive,” he tweeted.

“Lyle Shelton, you and your hate lobby cohort are murderers”. …

Coalition for Marriage spokeswoman Sophie York said “radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education programs” had started to become mandatory for primary schools in Canada and Britain.

The left has a history of fundamental reforms like gay marriage, and we are always told how enlightened they are, how the reform is not the start of a slippery slope, and how it will be wonderful. But always there are unintended consequences, and a bunch of pathologies arise. But then it’s too late and the genie is out of the bottle.

Who is more likely to have worked out a better solution: our leftist revolutionaries, or thousands of years of cultural evolution?

hat-tip Stephen Neil