Prosecute Racially Motivated Statue Vandalism as a Hate Crime

Prosecute Racially Motivated Statue Vandalism as a Hate Crime, by Daniel Greenfield.

“It’s important to tear down these vestiges of white supremacy,” Takiyah Fatima Thompson, an admirer of the racist Black Panther hate group, declared by way of explanation for her role in the vandalism of a Confederate statue.

Ngoc Loan Tran, another of the vandals, blamed their arrest on “white supremacy.”

In the intersectional left, “white supremacy” doesn’t mean Neo-Nazis or the KKK. Instead it’s equivalent to “whiteness”. White supremacy is anything that normalizes whiteness. In essence, it’s white people.

A show with white actors, an ad with white models and a coffee shop full of white people are all forms of white supremacy. A math textbook listing key pioneers in the field who happen to be white is white supremacy. Anything that is not properly diverse is by definition, “white supremacy.” …

The Columbus monument had been built in 1792. It, like Columbus, long preceded the Confederacy. But the issue wasn’t really the South. It was Europeans. It was white people. Or anyone that leftist racists see as white. …

That is what all this is really about. It’s not about the Confederacy. It’s about identity politics racism.

And that’s a hate crime.

The FBI defines a racial hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race.” The vandalism of a range of statues from various historical periods has one thing in common. Race. The statues targeted were of white people. The perpetrators had made it very clear that they believed that whiteness was somehow evil. …

The Federal government has two extremely compelling reasons to be involved.

First, these attacks are the product of an interstate conspiracy funded by a network of national and international organization whose scope is far beyond the ability of any single state to investigate. Suspects in some attacks have shown the intent to escape across state lines. Funding for racist hate groups such as Black Lives Matter has been in the millions. Behind it are politically influential groups such as the Ford Foundation. The Workers World Party, whose activists took the lead in the Durham attack, is a national Communist organization with deep roots in the radical left.

Second, they were set into motion by the actions of the previous administration. Racist activists were aided and abetted in their violent protests and harassment of white people by the Justice Department. It falls to the DOJ to atone for its recent past by not only disavowing the support that racists received from the DOJ under Holder and Lynch, but to take the lead in cracking down on black nationalist hate groups. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division played a large part in creating this mess. Now it needs to clean it up.

The statue vandalism is racially motivated. It fits the definition of a hate crime and must be prosecuted as one. It’s time to hold the racist left accountable for the violence of its racial supremacism.

The statue removals are anti-white male statements. They boost other identity groups in the present, by tearing down white men. They also delegitimize the society established by those white men — ready for rebuilding by the SJWs. Bet you cannot wait for the wonderful new society!

hat-tip Stephen Neil