Sydney man jailed for nine years for funding Islamic State

Sydney man jailed for nine years for funding Islamic State, by the Sydney Morning Herald.

A Sydney man, disturbed from time spent in Australian immigration detention as a child, has been jailed for financing Islamic State.

Ali Al-Talebi, was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years’ jail and a minimum nine years on Monday for his role in sending $6000 to Pakistan in 2014, and attempting to send another $US9000.

The 27-year-old, who arrived on Christmas Island by boat as a 10-year-old, before being transferred to Curtin Detention Centre in Western Australia, did not react when Judge Robert Sutherland delivered the sentence in Penrith District Court.

Al-Talebi, originally from Iraq, was found guilty of two counts of supplying funds to a terrorist organisation after instructing a young associate to send two parcels of $3000 to Pakistan. …

Police found material on Al-Talebi’s phone that discussed trampling the heads and crushing the skulls of non-believers and spreading hell.

hat-tip Stephen Neil