Yes Marriage Really Is About Children

Yes Marriage Really Is About Children, by Bill Muehlenberg.

George Orwell once said: “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” There are plenty of such truths that have long been buried under ideologies, political correctness, and social engineering. One such basic truth centres on the nature of marriage.

Closely related to this is a woeful ignorance about the nature of sex as well. Thus we now have an entire generation of young people who would be absolutely flummoxed to learn that there just might be some sort of connection between sex and babies (you know, that stuff you might have picked up in biology class about sperm and egg uniting?).

If a basic feature of reality such as sexual intercourse and the possibility of procreation that goes along with it is now all but lost on so many, no wonder we are equally oblivious to the fundamental truth that marriage and children also have a very close relationship. Indeed, until just recently, everyone knew that marriage and children were related.

There was even a song about this years ago, something about ‘love and marriage, horse and carriage’. …

Marriage is our most pro-child institution, cementing husband and wife together, and to any offspring they may produce. …

Simply go back a half century and note how we still made this obvious connection. As Article 16, no. 1, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) put it, “Men and women of full age, without limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and found a family.”

Yes, marry, and form a family. There’s that horse and carriage again. But today that connection has been completely severed – in ideology, in sloppy thinking, and in politics. Now we glibly talk about marriage as if it had nothing to do with children.

The wild and reckless demands for homosexual marriage heard everywhere today is directly built upon this fundamental fallacy – now universally paraded around – that children somehow bear no relationship at all to the institution of marriage.

There are two meanings competing of the same word.

Frame “marriage” as about individual fulfillment and equality, and same sex marriage is a no-brainer in the affirmative.

Frame “marriage” as about reproduction, and same sex marriage is absurd and slightly pernicious (because real marriage is hard enough without it being cheapened).

hat-tip Stephen Neil