Bill Shorten ‘will turn us into Cuba’

Bill Shorten ‘will turn us into Cuba’, by Greg Brown.

Veterans Affairs Minister Dan Tehan said Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was spot on when he last week linked Mr Shorten’s policies with those of East Germany.

Mr Tehan rejected linking Labor’s policies with communism was hyperbole, saying a Shorten government would lead Australia down a similar path of failed socialist states.

“I was in East Germany before the wall came down in 1989 and I saw what the misallocation of resources did to that country,” Mr Tehan told Sky News.

“And what we are seeing from Labor and from Shorten is a desire to go back to that type of governing where government knows best, government will impose its will, government will allocate resources and they don’t care about the consequences of it.

“He wants government to be front and centre of everything which happens with our economy.” …

“I‘ve also seen it in Cuba when I was a diplomat, we’ve seen socialism there and people called it socialism in the sun,” Mr Tehan said. “They’d praise what they were doing with doctors and how they were exporting doctors, but when you went to hospital there you had to take your own bed linen, you had to take your own toilet roll, you had to take your own light bulb.

cuba vs hong kong

In the long run, efficient allocation of resources matters.

hat-tip Stephen Neil