Abbott vow to remain a vocal MP for the conservative side of politics in Australia

Abbott vow to remain a vocal MP for the conservative side of politics in Australia, by Andrew Burrell.

Tony Abbott says he wants to remain a vocal MP for as long as conservative values need a strong advocate, predicting key policy changes will be delivered when “someone who’s prepared to do them will actually get elected”. …

Tony Abbott

The former prime minister writes that Australia has become mired in self-doubt and arguments that never seem to be resolved. He criticises policies on energy and immigration, and reiterates his call for the government to rethink its submarine program by considering nuclear-powered subs. “I’m all in favour of reducing emissions but not if it’s destroying jobs and making us poorer,” Mr Abbott writes in The Contributor, which is published by the West Australian Liberal Party’s policy committee and will be distributed nationally.

“So let’s have no more subsidised, unreliable and intermittent energy. And let’s keep the lights on by building a new coal-fired power station.

“I’m all in favour of a bigger population but not until our infrastructure can cope and not until all our recent migrants are well integrated.

“So let’s cut immigration to take the pressure off housing prices and to demonstrate that we really do put Australia first.

“I’m not one to neglect an opportunity for job creation, but let’s finally have a look at nuclear-powered submarines, that might not be built in Adelaide, but would certainly strike fear into the hearts of any potential enemy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil