Limiting ‘acceptable’ opinion keeps people passive

Limiting ‘acceptable’ opinion keeps people passive, by Tucker Carson.

This is pretty good if you have 12 minutes.

The dead historical figures being desecrated are all white men. That’s all they have in common.

Remember, it’s all about delegitimizing current society, in order that it may be replaced by a brave new SJW world. Don’t get too caught up arguing about a tree; see the forest.

The left, through their media dominance, have controlled debate by controlling the Overton window — what is “acceptable” to say.

Reader Charles:

It is now quite noticeable that the MSM has moved on from the Russia collusion story.  There was never anything there in the first place.

Now we are going after Republicans because they are all racist.  People have been in proximity of these monuments for decades and now we need urgent action. Where does that come from?

Tucker is right in what he brought out in his commentary and how the middle class is losing ground rapidly. The elites will continue to prosper and will bring in more cheap foreign labor so they can further erode the middle class. Leaders from both parties want that since that is what their wealthy donors want.

Better to get the public’s attention on racism instead of the failed leadership we have had in both parties for a few decades. Let’s not focus on the real problems we are facing.  It is the economy stupid.

hat-tip Charles