PC Corporate Culture Is a Plague That Government Helps Spread

PC Corporate Culture Is a Plague That Government Helps Spread, by Nathan Cofnas.

The liberal establishment has become invested in the scientific proposition that men and women have exactly equal distributions of innate abilities and dispositions, and so any disparities in behavior or achievement that we observe are entirely the result of social conditioning and discrimination.

Questioning this belief is tantamount to heresy and will have one cast out of his (or her) community, as former Google engineer James Damore so recently learned.

The problem is that the scientific evidence doesn’t support the liberal view.

Sex differences in interests emerge within several hours after children are born, with girls showing more interest in people and boys in systems/things. One-day-old girls look longer at faces than one-day-old boys, who spend more time looking at mechanical objects. Our primate cousins, rhesus monkeys, show exactly the same sex differences in interest as young children. …

Returning to humans, the greatest sex disparities in career choice are found in the richest and most egalitarian countries, where individuals have more freedom to pursue their interests. In Sweden, 79 percent of computer systems designers, analysts, and programmers and 97 percent of heavy truck and lorry drivers are men. Meanwhile, 89 percent of child-care workers and 74 percent of people working in research and development in education are women.  In contrast, in relatively conservative and less wealthy India, more than 30 percent of computer programmers are women. Only 9 percent of engineers in the U.K. are women, while almost 30 percent of engineers in relatively poor EU countries like Bulgaria and Cyprus are women.

Interest in people versus things is tied to prenatal testosterone levels even within sexes: Girls who had higher levels of testosterone in the womb end up with more stereotypically masculine cognitive styles and interests, and conversely for boys.

It is of course theoretically possible that one day we will discover that girls and boys are socialized to have different interests a few hours after they are born (or perhaps in the womb?), or that people are socialized differently depending on their prenatal testosterone levels. But since so far no one has come up with a non-ridiculous theory of how this socialization might work, it seems reasonable to assume that sex differences have (at least in part) a biological basis.

The claim that the evidence supports an environmental explanation of all sex differences in interests can only be motivated by ignorance or dishonesty. To protect the men-and-women-are-exactly-the-same theory, the liberal establishment cannot appeal to scientific evidence, so it must resort to silencing dissenters: firing them, making ad hominem attacks, and calling them names.

The blank slate hypothesis has passed from being silly to being pernicious, because over the last few decades it has increasingly been used to justify discrimination. The left is now embarked on a program of increasing discrimination, flouting all ideas of a meritocracy, until equality of outcomes is achieved for everyone that votes left.