The Future of Bannonism: ‘The Judeo-Christian Liberal West Won’

The Future of Bannonism: ‘The Judeo-Christian Liberal West Won’, by Rebecca Mansour.

President Trump’s former chief strategist and current Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon invited the editors of The Economist to his home for a candid discussion about the future of the populist economic nationalist movement and the civilizational challenges that will pit “the Judeo-Christian liberal West” against globalist “mercantilist” forces from China to Silicon Valley.

Bannon openly acknowledged his animus for the “Party of Davos” editorial positions of The Economist, referring to them as “the enemy” of economic nationalism for their “radical” obsession with free trade at all costs.

He also affirmed his loyalty to Trump and his desire to help him. Breitbart “will never turn on [Trump],” Bannon said, “But we are never going to let him take a decision that hurts him.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil