Australian PM, Abbott rebuff calls to alter statues

Australian PM, Abbott rebuff calls to alter statues, by Prirose Riordan.

Malcolm Turnbull has labelled the push to change inscriptions on colonial statues as a “Stalinist exercise”, saying such a move would “horrify” most Australians.

Speaking on 3AW this morning, the Prime Minister said the statues of James Cook, Arthur Philip and other early settlers were part of Australia’s history, and to alter or remove them would represent a “white-out” of the past. …

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also launched a fresh tirade this morning against how subtle “propaganda” should not be taught to children in the wake of the debate about the teaching of indigenous history in schools. …

Former Prime Minister John Howard told The Australian this week that it was his longstanding view that school curriculums had tended to see the British contribution “written out”. “I don’t know how to advance the position of the First Australians by diminishing the benefits of our British heritage,” he said.

Look how quickly the white-out movement removing confederate statues in the US has been imitated in Australia. About a week. No word from Labor yet.

hat-tip Stephen Neil