UK Labour MP faces backlash over women-only carriages idea

UK Labour MP faces backlash over women-only carriages idea, by the BBC.

Women’s rights groups and Labour colleagues have criticised a shadow minister for saying female-only train carriages should be considered.

Chris Williamson said they were an “idea worth exploring” to reduce sexual offences and create “safe spaces”. …

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn floated the policy in 2015, but later dropped it. …

Countries including Japan, Brazil and Mexico have tested women-only carriages and the UK has had ladies-only compartments before.

About 100 still existed on services between London and Essex when the decision was made to phase them out altogether in 1977. …

And buses — who gets to sit at the back?

They call themselves “progressives,” and banned men-only spaces because the men might talk business and then women would be at a disadvantage. Does their rent and privilege seeking know no bounds?

Maybe issues like crime and physical safety are better addressed by other policies, or are they too unmentionable? With so many ideas off the table due to PC, solving the problem might be too hard for our governing elite. What has changed since 1977, when women-only carriages were phased out?

Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, said the policy was an “absolutely terrible idea”.

She tweeted: “Also, men should be incredibly annoyed by [the] suggestion they can’t control themselves.

“Sexual violence isn’t about urges, it’s about power. If you take your feminist cues from Saudi Arabia, you’ve gone wrong.”