The ABC: You Pay, They Twist

The ABC: You Pay, They Twist, by Geoffrey Luck, an ABC journalist for 26 years.

That the ABC is Fake News is not new. What’s new is that the ABC’s fakery is now entrenched. Unashamedly and blatantly, Australia’s largest news-gathering and publishing organization lies by omission, distorts by selection and excludes inconvenient truths.

ABC News is now the mouthpiece of a progressivist, sentimentalised cadre of activists dedicated to the destruction of the pillars of Western society -– free speech, modern history and Christianity. Its reporting of events unfolding around the world feed audiences a deliberately blinkered, but subversively coloured interpretation.

Nowhere is this more obvious than its protection of Islam. No discussion of the vicious expansionist objectives of the Islamists is allowed in programmes; news coverage successfully suppresses facts on which viewers and listeners might draw conclusions unfavourable to Muslims.

Exhibit 1: This last week’s coverage of the attack on pedestrians in Barcelona. The ABC sent two senior reporters from London to cover the aftermath of the atrocity. Over several days they managed to avoid mentioning the ideology energizing the perpetrators.

Ten hours after ISIS had claimed responsibility for running down men, women and children with a truck, the ABC’s 7pm TV news bulletin aired this exchange:

News anchor Jeremey Fernandez: “What more do we know about who carried out this attack?”

Senior reporter James Glenday: “Police are focusing on the 17-year-old driver of the van, but they believed that as many as eight people have been involved in the planning of the attack here.”

A deliberate avoidance of the direct question.

This refusal to call out Islamic terrorists, ISIS, the Caliphate or other extreme muslims is now endemic. Ever since the first Paris attacks, when correspondents Barbara Miller and Lisa Millar danced cleverly around the question of responsibility, ABC News has worked hard to avoid naming Islam. When challenged, denial has been based on early uncertainties: the lack of official confirmation, or the possible confusion of local political issues. Often, social deprivation, unemployment and racism have been blamed for atrocities.

Exhibit 2: The Charlottsville riot was a heaven-sent event with which to beat the Alt-Right. And when President Trump dared to suggest that there was violence from both sides in the streets, he gave new cause to attack his “white supremacy”.

So we were served by the ABC with replays of the mother of Heather Heyer, killed in a deliberate car crash: “She went to the demonstration to make the world a better place.” This sanctimonious gush encapsulates the ABC’s policy of replacing facts with sentimentality. …

Cultural war fought with taxpayer funds:

Good work if you can get it — and, until the national broadcaster is reformed, the ABC will make sure those who promote the messages of which it approves are never unemployed.

Conversely, those who promote messages of which it disapproves are publicly disparaged and hindered in earning an income. No-platforming and cutting off income sources are now well established tactics of the left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil