Teen Vogue recommends vibrators on back to school list

Teen Vogue recommends vibrators on back to school list, by Claire Chretien.

Teen Vogue gave “Back to School” awards to two vibrators, which they encourage young girls to use as a way to “let off steam with zero risk of STIs.”

The magazine’s “Back to School Awards 2017: The Best Health and Wellness Products” also touts condoms and various lubricants alongside water bottles and workout weights.

“Not once in the article does the outlet mention actually studying or aiming high in school,” wrote The Activist Mommy. “Instead, the article encourages kids to focus on having the ‘right’ sex toys, lube and condoms for the school year.”

Cultural trends at the peak of western civilization. Islam sees us as decadent. The barbarians eventually dispatched Rome.

hat-tip Stephen Neil