Perth BMX Club criticised for Confederate flag merchandise

Perth BMX Club criticised for Confederate flag merchandise, by Hannah Berry.

A popular Perth BMX club has come under fire for their use of the controversial Confederate flag in its logo and uniforms.

Southside BMX Club is …one of the oldest BMX clubs in WA, and a local resident has now raised concerns regarding the use of the flag …

Joseph first noticed the Confederate flag at the track when it was used as a part of the signage at the Bull Creek track. He told 6PR’s Morning Show with Gareth Parker the club’s use of the flag in its apparel and signage was “highly inappropriate” due to its historical context.

“[The track] is just down the road and it has the Confederate flag as its symbol,” he said.

“I don’t know a whole lot about the club and how it’s run, but I do know that they lease this track and that’s publicly available except when it has competitions. Therefore they have big signs with Confederate flags visible to the public on them.”

A number of the clubs members also took to social media to reject Joseph’s claims – some referring to him as a “millennium softy” and a “sooky idiot” – while others also called for the club to design a new flag and “simply move on”.

The message has gone out from global PC HQ. No one is allowed to use that flag! Complain until it goes — it is now officially un-PC.

hat-tip Matthew