Google’s Racial War Against Whites?

Google’s Racial War Against Whites? By Julio Severo.

If you defend “Europeancentrism,” it is branded automatically “racist.” But if you defend Afrocentrism (which is synonymous with “blackcentrism,” meaning everything that has the Afro or black “cultural” color is to be in the center of everything) it just fine for the Left and for Google. For them, European in the center is “racism,” just because European is synonymous with white. But Afro in the center is not racism, just because African is synonymous with black. …

Google puts Afrocentrism as superior to others. Google does discrimination based on such belief.

Google just is not severely chastised, condemned, ostracized and morally and legally lynched by the powerful mainstream media because in the prevalent left-wing media mindset anything done against blacks is a crime and anything done against whites is “long overdue.” The Left believes that whites deserve persecution.

Google and the Left despise America’s spiritual essence.

America has produced so many inventions that America and inventions are almost synonymous. Since America is mostly white due to her European roots, most American inventors are white.

A study reported by DailyMail gave the reason for the abundant inventiveness in America: Protestantism. DailyMail said that American white Protestants are incredibly creative. More creative than Catholics and Jews.

Is it just incidental that the largest Protestant nation in the world — the United States — is also the most creative nation in the world?

The abundant historical creativeness and inventiveness in the United States is a direct result of its overwhelmingly Protestant white culture.

But Google wants you to see it differently. When you google “white inventors,” many hits in the first page are negatively exotic. Many in the hits are not whites, and many reports on whites in the hits are not positive. (See Google’s results recorded here:

The pictures, which should show only white people, mostly depict black people. The most prominent articles portray whites in an inferior and demeaning light.

It seems that whites, in the Google universe, should be taken out of sight. Perhaps they should not exist. Racism is rampant at Google — against whites.

In contrast, when you google “black inventors,” hits are outstandingly positive. Hits, in the first page, show fine reports on blacks. (See Google’s results recorded here:

The pictures, which should show only black people, actually depict only black people! …

Why is Google giving preference to Afrocentrism? Why is Google demoting the rich American white Protestant culture? …

Whether Google recognizes it or not, America was founded by white people, who were 98 percent Protestant.

American blacks, who are so proud of their accomplishments, were able to flourish only in a white Protestant culture. If they had never been taken to America as slaves and still lived in Africa, could they have flourished in the same way they flourished in America?

In the 13th century, when white Europe had castles and cities with impressive cathedrals and buildings, black Africa had… almost nothing. A vast continent, larger than Europe, without castles and impressive buildings.

Even though Afrocentrists and black supremacists point to ancient Egypt and its massive pyramids as an example that Africa was superior to the old European castles and buildings, modern studies shatter the Afrocentrists’ Egyptian hope. According to a WND report, “In the first full genome sequencing of ancient Egyptians, spanning a 1,300-year-period dating back to 1400 B.C., scientists have concluded the people of the pharaonic period were more closely related to modern Europeans.”

Truth matters. As is revealed by the SJWs, who work so hard to disguise the truth or hide it from you.

Btw, I recently switched to using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine, instead of Google. I like it. It’s a little better in some ways, and I’m not missing Google. I stopped with Facebook years ago, not because of its ideological bias but because the constant comparisons were wearing and rang false, and because I prefer the open web to closed fiefdoms.