Why is the Mainstream Media Committing Fraud?

Why is the Mainstream Media Committing Fraud? By Wayne Allen Root.

The Mainstream media determines the headlines. And since 99.9% of the people who run the media are either liberal Democrats, or crony capitalists in bed with the DC swamp, they purposely choose headlines to confuse you, distract you, or sadly, outright mislead you. That’s called fraud.

Case in point. What have you heard about for a solid week? A small KKK protest in Charlottesville. And then this past Friday a quick interruption for Steve Bannon’s firing.

But isn’t news about jobs and the economy dramatically improving under President Trump much more important to the average American?

Under President Obama we had the eight worst GDP years in the history of America. Our GDP was under 3% for all eight years of Obama. That’s never happened since the day our country was founded in 1776.

And during the 1930’s (the entire decade of The Great Depression) our combined GDP for the decade was 1.3%. Guess what our combined GDP was for eight years under Obama?

1.3%. We just lived through an “Obama Great Depression.” Except this time the media never reported it to the people.

Barack Obama destroyed the US economy and killed the entire American middle class with his obsession with social justice, green energy, open borders, big taxes, big regulations, Obamacare and big government.

Yet the media said nothing. They never reported all this. Instead, the media used the words “in recovery” thousands of times during Obama’s eight years. How could the eight worst years since 1776 be called “a recovery?” It’s all about what headlines the media chooses. …

But this week the Atlanta Fed reported something remarkable. They predict the 3rd Quarter GDP of America will be 3.7%. That’s explosive growth. That’s like the Reagan years.

President Trump has changed everything in only seven months. Just by cutting a bunch of regulations and giving entrepreneurs, risk-takers, CEOs and small business owners “hope,” President Trump has brought us back from the dead.

Donald Trump is a magician. He proved that with the right attitude towards business, you can erase eight years of disaster and failure and misery, in record time.

But has this been a headline in the news? NO. It’s nowhere to be found.

But it’s not just GDP. Corporate earnings are setting records, job growth is phenomenal, there are more manufacturing jobs than at any time since before Obama took office, border crossings are dramatically down, and food stamp use is down by 1.3 million. Trump accomplished all of this in only seven months. …

On the same weekend as the one heinous protest and tragic murder in Charlottesville, we had 9 murders and 33 shot on the streets of Chicago. This happens every weekend in Chicago- a city run 100% by Democrats for the past half century.

At the same time, Debbie Wasserman Shultz is involved in what might be the biggest scandal in political history- allegedly involving bank fraud, extortion vs. 30 Democrat Congressmen, possible funding of terrorism with taxpayer money, espionage, a gigantic breach of national security, and the sale of state secrets to foreign enemies of America.

Not in the headlines.