The Left is Marching the Nation Towards Civil War

The Left is Marching the Nation Towards Civil War, by Ray Starmann. Incredulous but annoyed people are exploring the obvious, as non-PC white America gets gradually radicalized, drawn into the leftist nonsense against its will.

The Left has been on a collision course with reality since 1968, when the party began to abandon its own Dixiecrats, taking a sharp turn against the Vietnam War, against American values; embracing socialism and eventually metamorphosizing into the lunatic Orwellian beast it is today.

Name a crazy position and the left supports it. Name an anti-American political platform and the left supports it. Name a position that the left despises and their violence knows no bounds.

The left’s Marxist intolerance and premeditated violence for the last year and a half has been directed towards the supporters of first candidate Trump and now the President. There have been hundreds and hundreds of left-wing assaults against Trump supporters of all races, genders and creeds.

Why were these attacks committed? For the sole reason that the left tolerates no one who disagrees with their Eurocrap Orwellian Great Leap Backward for America. …

Anyone the left disagrees with must be silenced and usually by force. Anyone the left feels has aggrieved them, must be silenced and usually by force. Any law the left dislikes must be ignored. Any sentence to the US constitution the left despises must be twisted. Any history the left hates must be erased and disappeared permanently from the minds, museums and books of America. …

What happened in Charlottesville is appalling and only a maniac would condone what happened or associate themselves with the KKK and the Neo-Nazis.

But, one must ask what the Antifa was doing there dressed in black with baseball bats? No doubt they were planning on assaulting the peaceful, pro Robert E. Lee protesters who were in the streets of Charlottesville as well.

As in Berkeley, the police in Charlottesville stood down and watched …

Yesterday, the left tore down a CSA monument in Durham, and once again the police stood by and let the vandalism take place….

Today, a group of left wing wackos gathered in front of the National History Museum in New York, demanding that a statue of Teddy Roosevelt be taken down on the grounds that TR was a racist.

Of course he was, he was a white man. All white men are racists, rapists and evil according to the left, even though the white man and European civilization took the world out of the Dark Age and into the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Reformation and the American Revolution, while giving the planet music, art, the sciences and the rights of man in the process. Most importantly, as civilization advanced, those of all colors, creeds and genders eventually enjoyed the wealth and freedom that was a result of European, aka Western Civilization.

The Muslims [whom] the left and feminists embrace so fervently have given the world nothing but sand, oil and death.

So, what happens next?

Sadly, there will be more violence, more vandalism and more bloodshed on both sides. There will be more confrontations for one reason and one reason only, the left wants it.

After the Second Battle of Fredericksburg, 1863