‘How-to guide’ on preventing terrorist attacks in Australia released

‘How-to guide’ on preventing terrorist attacks in Australia released, by the ABC.

The Federal Government has released a “tool kit” for venue operators to assess the vulnerability of their site and better protect it against a potential terrorist attack.

It outlined a blueprint for “layered security” at venues, including CCTV, X-ray screening and physical barriers like bollards to prevent vehicle attacks at crowded places like shopping centres and sports stadiums.

Vulnerable one day, beautiful the next.

“If implemented correctly, layered security ensures that the failure of any single layer — which may consist of different security measures — will not significantly compromise the overall security of the place being protected,” the report said.

“Crowded places such as stadiums, shopping centres, pedestrian malls, and major events will continue to be attractive targets for terrorists.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it would provide a uniform approach for venue owners and business to work with police and different levels of government.

We now need bollards to prevent immigrants from a traditionally-antagonistic culture from running us over? More bollards is the best our elite can come up with? Really?

No mention of culture incompatibility, taking measures to change the culture of our existing Muslims, or slowing down the import of groups prone to terrorism?

Airport security, bollards, and all the other accoutrements of Islamic immigration are all that are on the agenda — otherwise the opinion-forming elite call you ugly names and exile you from political life.

By the way, and I hate to bring this up now because it is entirely a coincidence, but did you know that most Muslim immigrants to Australia vote Labor? Could it be that the new left has reintroduced tribal politics to the West for its electoral gain, to harvest the votes of the non-white-male demographic groups, especially the immigrant groups it allowed to pour in?

The immigration mess is of course a product of both sides of western politics since WWII. The establishment right was happy to see cheap labor and more consumers. But the left kicked the doors off their hinges 20 years ago — though they’ve been at least partially open since the 50s, with no-one doing anything about it or thinking it through.

The West is certainly going somewhere that isn’t like anywhere we’ve ever been before. We’ve sleep-walked into it, and our political class and the media have denied it is happening. The hard questions still aren’t being openly dealt with.

Look at our dopey politicians, simultaneously chanting that Islam is the religion of peace while signing off on hundreds of millions of dollars on more security measures. They keep bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslims who do not want to assimilate into our Western society, for fear of giving them reason to ‘become radicalized’ against Western society. Weak, very culturally weak.

Islam is a strong culture and our politicians are cowering before it, denying its power. How many people must die before our “leaders” honestly recognize and deal with Islam?

A reader adds:

Australia’s bollardlessness is now recognized as a security threat. Time to bollard-up the nation.

We could be discussing the one common attribute of people who like driving through malls and footpaths. Instead we’re discussing 50 shades of concrete. How many concrete blocks can one nation install?

If we put them around the malls and stadiums, creative terrorists will target suburban shops. We could bollard-up the shops. Bollard up the beaches. Bollard-up the national parks and gardens. Where will it end?